Custom Nude Drawings

Artist, Bria Gladney, uses her unique black and white style with a roughly scratched out face a and colorful background to turn the human body into art. This style is perfect for gifts to a partner or a gift to yourself! It highlights the beauty of the body in a classy but seductive way.


Digital file .jpeg file sent via email- 


Matte Poster Prints 

16" x 24"  - $45

18" x 24"  - $60

24" x 36"  - $85


Canvas Prints 

16" x 24"  - $150

18" x 24"  - $175

24" x 36"  - $200

Custom Nude Drawings

To purchase new custom art, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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*Due to the nature of this artwork, Bria Gladney, is the only one who will receive these images, and they will be discarded immediately upon completion of the artwork. Also for the comfortability of the artist only pictures of the female body and male body form the WAIST UP (chest only, no penis pictures) will be considered, all male body submissions with pictures from the waist down showing male assigned is non-refundable and will be discarded.*


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