Portrait Pricing

Artists have been commissioned to paint portraits with oil for centuries. Painted portraits have been a great way to capture a moment or person for longer than a lifetime. Oil paint is the oldest medium used by all of the most renowned artists in the world, living and dead. Artist, Bria Gladney, is heavily influenced by classical art and takes a modern approach to execute her unique portrait style that pays homage to the ways of the past with a modern spin. Oil paintings take a lot of skill and time. These paintings can take months to complete due to the details and intricasis of each unique portrait. Painted portraits are some of their owners most prized possession.

To commission Bria Gladney for a portrait please refer to the pricing list below. 

Head & Shoulders - $1200 - $4000

3/4 figure - $3000 - $8000

Full Figure - $8000 - 15000

Portrait painting prices reflect the amount of detail and the overall dimensions of the canvas. These prices reflect one person and does not include taxes or shipping. If you would like more people in the photo the price will increase. 

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